Security before everything! These are the 3 rules in the oil industry that you should know

Inspenet, April 28, 2023

Within the framework of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is celebrated every April 28, the International Labor Organization (ILO) seeks to raise awareness of the importance of promoting a safe and healthy work environment for all workers in the world. .

In this context, the oil industry, which is one of the riskiest work activities due to its extreme requirements and conditions, must guarantee the safety of its workers to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

Safety standards in the oil industry are a set of rules established to protect the integrity of workers and equipment. Both on land and in the open sea, oil exploration operations and equipment expose workers to high risk. In addition to the threats of the arduous and severe environmental conditions under which they usually work.

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These are the 3 rules in the oil industry that you should know

Among the most relevant safety standards in the oil industry are:

1- Adequate protection of the workplace. The facilities must be equipped with what is necessary to prevent accidents

Those responsible for the maintenance of workplaces and work institutions are employers, who must ensure that the workplace is built and equipped in such a way that it can provide the necessary and adequate protection against accidents, for example, the use of safety equipment. certified protection such as industrial cabinets. With these you will be able to count on solutions specially designed for dangerous locations and that also guarantee the protection of equipment in potentially dangerous environments.

2- Correct signage. Oil companies use signs and brochures to keep their personnel informed and protected

Spaces and equipment must be properly marked, notices, signs and posters must be placed in visible places, intended for the dissemination of safety regulations in the company. It is the responsibility of the company to distribute brochures and any information material among its personnel regarding safety in the facilities.

It is essential that companies have well identified, evaluated and controlled occupational risks to guarantee the safety of their workers and equipment.

3- Personal protective equipment that you must use to work in safe conditions

Workers must have a series of implements to carry out their work, such as helmets, safety boots, gloves, glasses, ear plugs, work clothes, rain gear, thermal clothing, harness, among others.

Safety in the oil industry is essential to avoid accidents and occupational diseases. The implementation of safety standards is key to ensure the protection of both workers and equipment. In a context where the global demand for the consumption of oil and its derivatives continues to increase, companies must ensure that they minimize risks by following safety regulations in the oil industry.


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