They successfully implant a robotic hand in a woman

mano robótica

Inspenet, October 28, 2023.

This robotic hand represents a significant advance

A team of researchers from Sweden, Italy and Australia has not only developed a robotic hand with cutting-edge technology, but also managed to successfully attach it to a 50-year-old woman who lost her limb in an accident on her farm in Sweden.

Team members claim this is the first time that a robotic hand with internal electrodes has been viable in below-elbow amputations , something that until now was impossible.

As Science magazine points out, this person has seen how a bionic hand has been integrated into neural control, allowing him to use it without problems in his daily life.

The woman named Karin is able to use her prosthesis comfortably and effectively for daily activities, which shows the important potential and ability to change lives with this new technology. This robotic hand is connected directly to the human skeleton so it dispenses with the sensors of other technologies.

mano robotica 2
This robotic hand is connected directly to the human skeleton

It is a practically unique technology that has just been successfully tested for the first time. It has dozens of sensors, but these go inside the prosthesis and are connected neurally to the limb, making it also somewhat more aesthetic than the previous ones.

The integration is so great that we can actually adhere the artificial limb directly to the skeleton ” – Ortiz Catalán, researcher behind this invention.

It is estimated that Karin can now do 80% of her daily activities since she lost her right hand 10 years ago. This is somewhat surprising, as you can prepare food, pick up objects, zip your clothes, and even feel what you are touching in a limited way. This is a great advance and it is also a quite functional way to do, since the success rate is very close to 95%.


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