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Inspenet, September 4, 2023.

The Nauticus Robotics company has reached an agreement with Petrobras to implement and test its autonomous underwater robot Aquanaut in high seas.

This agreement comes at a time when Petrobras has intensified its efforts in robotics and artificial intelligence, pioneering its application in offshore operations.

The work of the underwater robot Aquanaut

The Aquanaut robot will be used in the Petrobras Deep Water Production Field , where it will carry out inspection tasks through a supervised autonomy system.

The deal involves a subsea inspection period of around two months, one of the most significant of its kind to date, according to information provided by Nauticus. In addition, this initial award positions the company as an important player for possible future contracts that Petrobras plans to carry out, while expanding its international presence in South America.

“The market opportunity for Nauticus offshore Brazil is significant as it is one of the most active offshore energy basins in the world, we are delighted to enter this market through a world class operator,” said Nicolaus Radford, Nauticus CEO.

Likewise, he emphasized: “We have competed through a rigorous bidding process with many highly respected competitors in the industry to win this business with Petrobras and we eagerly await the deployment of our assets to validate our capabilities. We continue to build our strong portfolio of opportunities, giving us confidence to execute on our mission and deliver long-term shareholder value.”

Petrobras has also recently awarded a contract to Saipem to develop and test an autonomous subsea inspection solution that will take advantage of the oilfield services company’s fleet of subsea drones, as well as qualification of related autonomous drone-based services. This will open possibilities for future offshore inspection contracts in Brazil.

Regarding Nauticus, in May the company announced that it had secured additional financing of $2.7 million under its current contract with Leidos, with the purpose of advancing the development of the underwater platform based on Aquanaut.

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