Reuters events launches Hydrogen 2024 Conference

Conferencia Hydrogen 2024

Inspenet, December 29, 2023.

Reuters Events has revealed the schedule for the Hydrogen 2024 Conference taking place in Amsterdam from April 9-10. More than 400 delegates from across the hydrogen and ammonia value chain will participate in the event, and Reuters Events will facilitate the connection between hydrogen producers and buyers with the aim of securing financial support for global projects.

Reuters Events’ Hydrogen 2024 Conference will bring together the industry’s leading large-scale hydrogen and ammonia drivers, addressing an agenda that will include five key topics:

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  1. Setting the global hydrogen standard: Connect with high-level policymakers at the forefront of developing global hydrogen regulatory frameworks.
  2. Secure purchase agreements and financing: demonstrate the viability of your project by reaching lasting agreements with buyers.
  3. Produce at scale: Unlock the multi-billion dollar production opportunity through first-hand insights from the world’s largest hydrogen projects.
  4. Develop the backbone infrastructure to store and transport hydrogen: create a world-class hydrogen network and storage infrastructure.
  5. Releasing clean ammonia to enable the hydrogen economy: seizing the opportunity to extend the hydrogen value chain to the tradable ammonia sector.

The number of hydrogen project announcements around the world has increased significantly in the last year alone. However, only a small percentage of these projects have reached a final investment decision. Reuters Events Hydrogen 2024 returns to Amsterdam this year with the aim of connecting the world’s largest energy producers with industrial buyers in sectors and mobility that are difficult to reduce to achieve financial closure. In 2024, we will follow the industry and expand into the ammonia value chain, which has the unique opportunity to enable a commercially viable global hydrogen economy”said Vlad Ionete, Global Project Director, Hydrogen, Reuters Events.

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