Repsol becomes the first Spanish company to sell 100% renewable fuel in the Iberian Peninsula

Inspenet, May 7, 2023

Repsol started supplying 100% renewable diesel at three service stations in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon (Portugal). With this initiative, it becomes the first Spanish company that sells 100% renewable fuel in the Iberian Peninsula.

Renewable fuels are the main driver of Repsol’s strategy to accelerate the decarbonisation of transport and become a net zero emissions company by 2050.

The main advantage of renewable fuels is that they can be used in current vehicles without the need for modifications to the engines or to existing distribution and refueling infrastructures.

Renewable fuels are those that are produced from renewable raw materials. They have net zero emissions and therefore guarantee an effective contribution to the fight against climate change.

Specifically, advanced biofuels are made from organic waste such as used vegetable oils, animal fats, and agricultural and forestry residues that are not intended for food. Likewise, synthetic fuels are obtained from captured CO2 and renewable hydrogen.

The first Repsol service stations to offer this net zero emissions fuel are located in the Mercamadrid (Madrid), Esparraguera (Barcelona) and Alcochete (Lisbon region) markets. The three already supply renewable diesel, produced from organic waste, to professional customers who have agreements with Repsol and it will soon be available to all customers.

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Repsol accelerates the decarbonisation of transport with the expansion of its renewable fuel service stations

The multi-energy company has an expansion plan to cover the main cities and transport corridors of the Iberian Peninsula. It will have 50 service stations that will sell 100% renewable fuel by the end of this year.

Repsol’s Customer General Manager, Valero Marín, highlighted: “This launch exemplifies, once again, our commitment to decarbonising transport, which we want our customers to participate in. At Repsol, we continue to take decisive steps to lead the commitment to renewable fuels in the Iberian Peninsula”.

Repsol, within its multi-energy strategy, thus makes a new 100% renewable product available to its customers, which adds to its offer of electric mobility, shared mobility (Wible), AutoGas, CNG/LNG and Neotech fuels.

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