They develop a device that removes microplastics from water


Inspenet, September 1, 2023.

Microplastics are found almost everywhere on the planet. However, they could be largely eliminated thanks to a device developed by scientists.

bioCap: the device that removes microplastics from water

This innovative filter, called a “bioCap”, has been created by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Sichuan University. It is composed of materials derived from fruits and wood that have the ability to filter and remove most of the plastic particles present in drinking water.

To develop this cylindrical water purification device, they used fruit tannins applied to sawdust. They ensure that this device has the capacity to eliminate between 95.2% and 99.9% of microplastics.

In a test of the system, the researchers fed purified water and untreated water to different groups of mice. Those who received the purified water showed a decrease in the accumulation of microplastics in their organs.

Even in its least efficient configuration, the scientists note that this device manages to remove the vast majority of plastic particles.

“There are microfibers from clothing, microbeads from cleaners and soaps, and foams and granules from utensils, containers, and packaging,” said Orlando Rojas, scientific director of UBC’s Institute of Bioproducts.

“By taking advantage of the different molecular interactions around tannic acids, our bioCap solution was able to remove virtually all of these different types of microplastics.”

Likewise, they point out that this device is built from organic components and does not contribute to additional contamination , unlike filters made of plastic.


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