Fukushima workers splashed with radioactive water

agua radiactiva

Inspenet, October 30, 2023.

Five Fukushima workers were cleaning the ducts of the waste water filtration system with the purpose of releasing it into the sea when two of them were involuntarily splashed due to the accidental disconnection of a hose, according to a spokesperson for the operating company TEPCO .

The incident highlighted the risks Japan faces in the process of decommissioning the nuclear plant that was hit by a devastating tsunami in 2011, marking the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

Contact with radioactive water

The other two workers were contaminated with radioactive water while tackling the liquid leak. Notably, radiation levels in the two hospitalized men were reported to be at or above 4 becquerels per square centimeter, a level considered the maximum safe level .

Despite this, a doctor indicated that there was a low chance that the two employees would suffer significant damage from radiation exposure, according to the Japanese company.

We were told that the condition of the two hospitalized men is stable ,” the spokesperson said.

Likewise, the spokesperson added that TEPCO is investigating the circumstances of the incident and is evaluating the necessary actions to prevent its recurrence . This incident took place shortly after TEPCO completed the controlled release of the plant’s second round of treated water into the ocean.

Furthermore, it occurred while United Nations inspectors were conducting a safety review at the plant.

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Source: https://www.france24.com/es/minuto-a-minuto/20231027-cuatro-trabajadores-de-una-planta-nuclear-japonesa-salpicados-con-agua-contaminada

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