Quaise Energy researchers say that terrestrial magma is an unlimited source to produce clean energy

By : Dr. Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, March 9, 2022

Researchers from the Quaise Energy company, graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claim to be able to produce unlimited electricity, 100% green and practically free.

Scientists have found this possibility in terrestrial magma, and claim that it can power civilization for 20 million years using only 0.1% of its heat.

However, until now, geothermal energy is only used in countries like Iceland because, in the rest of the world, this possibility is physically out of reach.

According to MIT engineers and company founders, the new directed-energy drill they created will easily reach depths of up to 20 kilometers, a distance totally impossible with mechanical drills.

Until now, the closest test is the one carried out by the extinct Soviet Union in the 1960s, when it tried to reach those 20 kilometers deep in an experiment called the Kola super-deep well, on its border with Norway.

However, on that occasion, the excavation had to stop due to the excessive temperature coupled with the low density and high viscosity of the rock.

At Quaise, they have developed a new type of drilling technology derived from vacuum tubes, which uses a beam of electrons that is amplified in a hollow resonance cavity. Inside is a magnetic field that accelerates these electrons to relativistic speeds, radically amplifying the energy of the microwaves. The energy waves pulverize the rock as the hole is being dug, allowing much deeper drilling than conventional drills.

According to MIT engineers, it is enough to reach a depth of 20 kilometers anywhere in the world to have unlimited energy 24 hours a day for a very low cost.

In a short time, this free source of energy could lower the electricity bill, says Quaise, citing Iceland as an example, where the average monthly payment for the bill that includes electricity, heating and hot water is around 22 euros.

In addition, this innovative way of obtaining unlimited energy would also allow humanity to continue advancing for millions of years without CO2 or hydrogen generation anywhere.

Source : https://www.heraldobinario.com.mx/ciencia/2022/2/28/electricidad-infinita-mit-asegura-que-el-magma-es-la-clave-para-obtener-energia-illimitada- 23036.html