A quadruped robot with AI broke a world record

robot cuadrúpedo con IA

Inspenet, December 20, 2023.

According to the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), its AI quadruped robot, named KAIST Hound, has set a new 100-meter world record, according to information provided by Guinness World Records. Developed by the institution’s Dynamic Robot Design and Control Laboratory, the KAIST Hound recorded a time of 19.87 seconds on the institute’s outdoor track in Daejeon.

KAIST Hound: the quadruped robot with AI

In addition, the robot has achieved another record that could become its second worldwide. In an attempt to beat the mark in an indoor environment, the Hound ran on a treadmill and reached a top speed of 6.5 meters per second, beating the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Cheetah 2, which clocked in at 6.4 seconds.

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Professor Park Hae-won, who is in charge of developing Hound, has submitted an application for the Guinness World Record record for an indoor track. Hound perfected his running technique using reinforcement learning , a data-driven learning method for artificial intelligence. Park’s team programmed Hound’s self-learning system by introducing a maximum torque for its motor and a system to increase speed.

Likewise, the team focused on the motor to ensure uniform distribution of power through the robot’s legs, thus achieving symmetrical and balanced movement on its four legs. The dog’s legs were specially designed with lightweight materials to reduce its overall weight.

“Hound has demonstrated that Korea possesses globally undisputed technologies in robotic hardware and robotic self-control artificial intelligence,” he said. said Park, who specializes in the control and design of dynamic robotic systems, legged locomotion robots and bio-inspired robots.

The Hound investigation received support from the Defense Development Agency, which is part of the country’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration. In 2019, the agency provided funding for the development of new defense technologies.

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Source: koreatimes.co.kr

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