Promote geothermal development through lithium mining in Argentina


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By : Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, May 19, 2022

Recently, a meeting was held between Vice Governor Rubén Dusso, Vice Governor of the province of Catamarca in Argentina, authorities from the state mining-energy company Camyen SE and representatives from Morena del Valle Minerals SA, a subsidiary of the Australian Lake Resources.

The company operates a lithium brine project, called Kachi, and the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possibilities that the geothermal resources available in the province can offer Catamarca as a generator of clean and renewable electricity, both to support the lithium to put it in service and people’s quality of life.

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Present at the meeting, on behalf of Moreno del Valle Minerales SA, were Sergio Daniel Iramaín, Head of Geology and Jorge Christian Vega Filippin, Head of Hydrogeology; Bárbara Utesa, geologist from the Geothermal Chamber; by CAMYEN SE, Natalia Dusso, Vice President, Aldo Sarquis, Member, Martín Peralta, Trustee; the Minister of Planning, Labor and Modernization, Verónica Soria. COPES representatives also participated in the meeting: Gretel Galeano, from the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences of the UNCa; Luciano González, from the Catamarca Bar Association; and Iván Sarquis, representative of ATE.

A planned tender for the Copahue location, where a geothermal power plant once stood, appears never to have gotten off the ground and there is no information on the current status of other projects. A 2019 webinar shared some thoughts on the new frontiers of geothermal in Chile and Argentina.

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