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They present the first hydrogen train in Italy

Inspenet, October 11, 2023.

Italy will be the next destination for the hydrogen-powered train. The leading group in sustainable mobility in the Lombardy region, FNM and Alstom have presented the Coradia Stream train powered by this fuel.

This train, which was unveiled at the Milan Railway EXPO, is expected to enter commercial service between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025 along the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo (Lombardy) line, which does not have electrification, as reported by the French company. This presentation is the result of the agreement signed in November 2020 between FNM and Alstom to supply the Italian operator Trenord with six hydrogen fuel cell trains, with the option to acquire eight additional units.

About the new hydrogen train

The hydrogen Coradia Stream, with a total capacity of 260 passengers and a range of more than 600 km, is aligned with the European objective of completely eliminating CO 2 emissions before 2050 and constitutes the first Italian train with direct CO emissions2 null, since it is powered exclusively by hydrogen fuel cells.

These new trains are based on Alstom’s single-deck Coradia Stream regional train model, designed for the European market and which Alstom already manufactures in the country. The hydrogen-powered train has the ability to operate on non-electrified lines, replacing trains that rely on fossil fuels, and offers levels of comfort and silence comparable to other electric Coradia models.

The main source of energy for the train is located in the intermediate car known as the “Power Car”. The energy is generated by combining hydrogen, stored in tanks, with oxygen taken from outside air, and this operation does not emit CO 2 into the atmosphere. In addition, high-performance lithium-ion batteries store the generated energy, which is used during acceleration phases to complement the operation of the hydrogen fuel cells, ensuring more efficient use of fuel.

Another hydrogen train model manufactured by Alstom, the Coradia iLint, began commercial service in Germany last year. Last June, one of its units made a connection between the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency in Quebec City and Baie-Saint-Paul in Canada.

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