Polyurethane coating: the new thing for emergency maintenance

Isbel Lázaro.

Revestimiento de poliuretano

Carboline , a leading global manufacturer of protective coatings, recently introduced its new polyurethane coating : Carbothane DTM Mastic. This is a single-coat solution designed for emergency maintenance projects or those that require rapid application of the coating.

Carbothane DTM Mastic: the polyurethane coating

Carbothane DTM Mastic is a two-component, high gloss, high solids , weather resistant urethane hybrid coating . It can be used directly on metal or as a topcoat with surface-tolerant properties, making it particularly suitable for maintenance applications, especially on minimally prepared steel surfaces. Its putty properties guarantee effective protection against corrosion and, being made of urethane, it maintains its color and shine for long periods.

Notably, the coating effectively adheres to surfaces with tightly adhered rust, bare metal, aged coatings and other surfaces. Additionally, Carbothane DTM Mastic features fast drying times, is easy to handle and exhibits toughness and resistance to impact, deterioration, abrasion, chemicals and stains.

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The value of Carbothane DTM Mastic in the market is clear: better corrosion protection and great visual appeal in a single coat. Performs exceptionally even on marginal surfaces, making it ideal for emergencies or unplanned one-off maintenance” said Jeff Anderson, executive vice president of Quality, R&D and Business Resources at Carboline.

In July 2023, Carbothane DTM Mastic was tested in an emergency pipe lining project at a liquid terminal in Philadelphia, United States, where corrosion and discoloration had been detected. The terminal owner required rapid repainting of the pipes to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

Despite difficult conditions, which included a minimally prepared surface, presence of humidity and high summer temperatures, the manual application of the product was successful. The coating performed as expected, allowing the pipes to once again meet EPA regulations without facing fines.

This field trial and other recent success stories like it demonstrate the immediate impact Carbothane DTM Mastic has had on the results of emergency or unplanned coating projects. Each product we develop is intended to solve specific problems, so the market response to Carbothane DTM Mastic so far is a great sign.”commented Justin Manuel, director of Carboline.

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