Petroecuador reinforces security at its facilities in light of the situation in the country


Petroecuador , Ecuador’s state oil company, announced last Tuesday its decision to reinforce security measures at its facilities nationwide as a precaution against the recent wave of violence generated by organized criminal groups in various areas of the country.

The role of Petroecuador

Petroecuador, through a statement, indicated that it has coordinated with the corresponding authorities to intensify control at its facilities, which are considered strategic for Ecuador. This includes refineries , crude oil extraction fields, mainly in the Amazon region, oil pipelines and distribution terminals for derivative products, among other facilities.

The purpose of this measure is to guarantee the safety of its personnel and preserve the activities they carry out in this industry, vital for the generation of state income. Likewise, the company stated that so far, operations are being carried out normally throughout the country .

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Petroecuador is responsible for more than 80% of the daily production of 480,000 barrels of oil in Ecuador and the export of this product constitutes one of the main sources of financing for fiscal budgets.

What is happening in Ecuador?

On Monday night, Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa declared a state of emergency in the country, implementing a six-hour nightly curfew, in response to the wave of violence that broke out in various areas, especially in six prisons where The inmates rioted and detained prison guards.

However, during the day on Tuesday, the violence of the groups intensified with attacks with explosives, burning of vehicles, attempts to loot businesses and even the intrusion of armed hooded individuals into the main studio of the TC-Televisión channel, located in Guayaquil. .

This incident was broadcast live and culminated in the arrest of 13 people involved and the release of the channel’s staff.

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