Petroecuador: 11 companies seek to exploit the largest gas field in Ecuador

Inspenet, September 23, 2023.

Last Friday, Petroecuador announced that a total of eleven companies have expressed interest in participating in the tender to operate and improve the Amistad Field, the largest gas field in Ecuador.

These companies have had access to the technical documentation and have carried out visits to the facilities located in the Gulf of Guayaquil, approximately 60 km in a straight line from the southern city of Machala.

Petroecuador’s plans

The company plans to receive offers from September 29 to October 18, with the intention of announcing the winner of the tender between October 24 and 31 and signing the contract between November 8 and 15.

The service contract will have a duration of 15 years and aims to make the necessary investments to increase the field’s production, which currently stands at around 21 million cubic feet per day.

The planned investments, with an estimated value of more than 162 million euros, include the drilling of new wells, the renovation of existing ones and the construction of new facilities.

It is important to highlight that since 2002, Amistad has been the only offshore operation in the country and currently consists of four platforms, three production wells, a dehydration plant, a heliport and a twelve-inch gas pipeline.

In the first half of 2023, Petroecuador recorded cumulative production of 3.87 billion cubic feet of natural gas .

According to data provided by Petroecuador, the certified reserves, which include proven and probable reserves, of the Amistad Field amount to 167,300 million cubic feet of natural gas, with prospective resources of 241,000 million cubic feet.


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