Petrobras found hydrocarbons in Potiguar basin (deep waters)


Petróleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) has detected the presence of hydrocarbons in the Pitu Oeste deepwater exploration well, located in the BM-POT-17 block of the Potiguar deepwater basin, at a distance of 52 km from the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

This exploratory well marks the first drilling carried out in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin since 2015. Petrobras is currently seeking additional geological data on the region to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the magnitude and feasibility of the previous discovery in the Pitu well.

Although the economic viability of the discovery has not yet been conclusively determined, Petrobras plans to continue exploratory research in the region. For this month, the company is scheduled to drill Anhangá, the second exploratory well in the POT-M-762 concession, located 79 km from the coast and in the vicinity of the Pitu Oeste well.

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It is important to mention that the Potiguar basin covers maritime areas of the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará, forming part of the Brazilian Equatorial Margin, which extends from the states of Amapá to Rio Grande do Norte.

Likewise, Petrobras intends to drill 16 exploratory wells in the Equatorial Margin over a period of five years. The company aims to collect additional geological data in the region in order to evaluate the potential of the deposit and guide exploration activities.

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