Petrobras launches the first carbon-neutral gasoline in Brazil

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, September 21, 2023.

The Brazilian state company Petrobras announced the launch of the first gasoline in the country that has no net impact on greenhouse gas emissions. This means that all emissions produced during the life cycle stages of this fuel will be fully offset by actions aimed at the preservation or restoration of forests in national biomes.

This carbon-neutral gasoline has been called Petrobras Podium and has evolved since its introduction in 2002. It is a high-performance fuel characterized by having the lowest sulfur content on the market and the highest octane number. These features translate into better vehicle performance, contributing to transportation efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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To achieve the “carbon neutral” designation for this fuel, Petrobras has used the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, which allows quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the product throughout all the stages of its life cycle, including the extraction and production of raw materials, transportation, transformation, distribution and final use.

According to the oil company, the emissions of Petrobras Podium fuel will be offset before it is put on sale to consumers. The state-owned company is committed to increasing its investments in low-emission solutions and offering more efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Neutral gasoline production

Petrobras Podium gasoline is produced at the Presidente Bernardes Refinery, located in Cubatão, state of São Paulo. Currently, this fuel is not available at all gas stations, but is distributed exclusively at certain company service stations located in the main cities of the country.

The carbon market is a mechanism used to offset greenhouse gas emissions. In this, the negotiation of carbon credits is carried out, which are generated through initiatives that contribute to reducing the accumulation of gases in the atmosphere.

In other words, credits represent a currency that companies can acquire to offset the emissions generated by their operations and the use of their products.

Strengthening the carbon market has been recognized by environmental advocates as a fundamental strategy to combat climate change. This market is one of the recommended mechanisms to meet the objectives established in the Paris Agreement, an agreement signed in 2015 by almost 200 nations, including Brazil, where they committed to take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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