Peru will build 91 km of natural gas networks in Cusco

Inspenet, April 13, 2023

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) of Peru , presented the progress made in its projects for the massification of natural gas and economic access to this fuel for the Cusco region, in the context of a working meeting with district authorities of the province of the Convention.

An investment of 47 million soles is planned for the construction of 91 kilometers of natural gas networks and a regulation/decompression station in Cusco, with the goal of benefiting 3,000 families this year, announced the general director of Minem Hydrocarbons , Carlos de los Santos.

The activity was led by the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons, Enrique Bisetti Solari, who reaffirmed that Minem’s priority is the development of the future ‘Gasoducto para el Sur’, a project in which there are investors interested in participating to make this work a reality that will impact positively in the Southern Macroregion.

He added that the management of Minister Óscar Vera Gargurevich promotes a mass use of natural gas aimed not only at home care, but also at extending the use of this resource to industry, power generation, transportation and petrochemicals, contributing to economic growth. and development of the country.

“Let’s work together on this path to meet the most urgent needs and give quality of life and well-being to our people,” said the vice minister.

De los Santos also commented that, through the LPG Discount Voucher, a reduction of 43 soles is offered to 17,481 families in La Convención for the purchase of a domestic gas cylinder, and 63 soles for 5,578 households in the districts of Megantoni, Villa Kintiarina, Villa Virgen, Kumpirishiato, Pichari, Kimbiri and Inkawasi.

The authorities present proposed extending the benefit of the discount voucher of 63 soles to the entire province of La Convención, a proposal that will be technically analyzed by Minem.

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