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Pemex increased its production to 77 Mbd with ten new wells

Inspenet, March 8, 2023

Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP), managed to obtain a significant increase in the production of liquids (condensates) due to the strategy of new fields, of the order of 77 thousand barrels per day, coming from the completion of 10 development wells in the last quarter. of 2022.

These are the development wells Quesqui-12, Quesqui-13, Quesqui-21A, Quesqui-40, Quesqui-44, Tupilco Profundo-3003, Tupilco Profundo-3008, Itta-69, Pokche-44, Teca-18, all they finished in the fourth quarter.

The national oil company reported that, from October to December 2022, the Akal-501 well contributed to the production and exploratory component of the strategy implemented in the current administration.

Additionally, the strategy applied to the maintenance of liquid production contributed to sustaining production, through the execution of various actions, mainly immediate attention to operational problems and reduction of time in operational intervention for the restoration of faulty wells. in electrocentrifugal pumping equipment (BEC). As well as an increase in well maintenance activities (minor repairs, stimulation, cleaning and optimization work).

On the other hand, regarding the quality of crude oil, the production of light crude oil and condensates increased by 69,000 barrels per day, mainly due to the contribution of the completed wells of the new fields strategy.

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