P-12: the water taxi that will be mass-produced

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Inspenet, November 21, 2023.

Swedish electric boat manufacturer, Candela , has started series production of its P-12 water taxi in Stockholm. This fully electric hydrofoil is available in three models: Shuttle, Voyager and Business.

The P-12 Shuttle, first introduced last year, has capacity for up to 30 passengers and is priced at €1.7 million. According to Candela, this price is comparable to that of a boat of similar size with a combustion engine.

For its part, the Business version, designed for between 12 and 20 passengers, features a high-quality interior and the Voyager version is customizable for private and commercial clients, allowing them to modify the interior design according to their needs. So far, Candela has not revealed the prices of the Business and Voyager variants.

Two electric motors supply a power of 88 kW in total. The battery has a capacity of 252 kWh and has the capacity to charge up to 200 kW. Candela states that the range of the water taxi is approximately 50 nautical miles (93 km) at a maximum speed of 30 knots, which is equivalent to about 55 km/h.

With the P-12, we not only offer a faster and more comfortable electric alternative to fossil fuel-powered vessels,” says Erik Eklund, Director of Commercial Vessels at Candela. “We enable operators to make the switch to sustainable vessels that are profitable and profitable, a crucial step towards clean oceans and lakes“.

The company carried out tests of the P-12 in Stockholm last year, managing to reduce the travel time between central Stockholm and the Ekerö neighborhood from 55 to 25 minutes. This benefit is particularly attractive to travelers as the journey is shorter compared to using cars or the subway. The vessel is able to achieve this due to its exemption from speed limits.

From 2024, it will officially join Stockholm’s public transport network.

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