Noemi: the Norwegian 100% electric seaplane prototype

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Inspenet, September 4, 2023.

Norwegian seaplane group Elfly has been awarded an $8 million grant by the Norwegian Government for the development of a fully electric prototype seaplane .

The Elfly Group has indicated that this financing will contribute to the Norwegian Government’s objective of completely eliminating CO 2 emissions. of domestic flights by the year 2040. This is in addition to private investment from early investors and support from the Norwegian Foundation for Research and Innovation. All this will allow the company to advance its key objectives at its facilities located in Jarlsberg, Norway.

Eric Lithun, CEO of the Elfly Group, has expressed that this grant is an indication that the Norwegian Government “recognizes the viability of our business model and aligns with our vision.”

The Noemi seaplane will work with lithium batteries

Elfly is in the process of developing a nine to thirteen seater amphibious aircraft that will be powered by lithium batteries and two electric motors with a total power of up to 1 MW.

The final aircraft will have the ability to reach a cruising speed of 135 kph (250 km/h) and offer a range of 200 km, making it an optimal choice for short flights between Norway’s fjords, lakes and coastal cities. .

In June, the company chose Electric Power Systems, a US company, to supply the batteries for its aircraft and will then look for a supplier for the engines.

Elfly’s goal is to get its Noemi prototype off the ground by 2025 and, by the end of this decade, to produce and operate up to 15 examples in Norway.

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