Jobs at risk? This new humanoid aims to revolutionize productivity

Isbel Lázaro.

nuevo humanoide

La empresa china Kepler Exploration Robot Company está a punto de presentar su más reciente avance en robótica en la edición del Consumer Electronics Show (CES), la cual inició ayer en Las Vegas. Se trata de un nuevo humanoide de la serie Kepler, que representa un logro destacado en inteligencia artificial (IA) e inteligencia integrada para la robótica, permitiendo a estos robots interactuar de manera natural e intuitiva con humanos y su entorno.

The new Kepler Forerunner series humanoid robot models are truly amazing. Thanks to their advanced engineering, they can navigate difficult terrain, identify and avoid obstacles, and manipulate objects with remarkable dexterity.

This android has a height of 178 cm, a weight of 85 Kg and has an intelligent and dexterous hand with 12 degrees of freedom. Altogether, the robot’s body has up to 40 degrees of freedom, placing it in a category comparable to Tesla’s Optimus in terms of capabilities.

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Forerunner: a new highly equipped humanoid

Likewise, this new humanoid robot operates with a system that uses advanced technologies such as a planetary roller screw actuator and a rotary actuator. These features allow you to perform sophisticated body movements, have flexible manual control, and have advanced visual perception.

The planetary roller screw actuator, used in the limbs of the robot, is highly powerful, providing a remarkable thrust of 8,000 N. It is designed to offer precise control, power efficiency and fast response, making it an ideal option for tackling complex tasks.

On the other hand, the rotary actuator, used on the waist and joints, also impresses, with a maximum torque of 200 Nm and a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01 degrees. These features guarantee robust support for torso movements, ensuring efficient and stable operation of the robot.

Additionally, the Forerunner robot is equipped with an impressive set of sensors located on its head, including a binocular camera, four microphones, an accelerometer, and an attitude and heading reference system . In addition, it has a synthetic voice module and stereo speakers to facilitate communication.

The impact of humanoid robots on industry

Kepler’s humanoid robot has the ability to transform various industries, ranging from smart manufacturing, logistics, education, research, intelligent inspection, to high-risk tasks and outdoor work. The technological advances highlighted in its global presentation video have generated considerable debate in the global robotics community.

The Kepler humanoid robot is dedicated to revolutionizing productivity with cutting-edge technology, accelerating the arrival of a ‘three-day work week’. The change will allow humans to spend more time on meaningful initiatives such as space exploration”said Kepler Exploration Robot co-founder Debo Hu.

It is anticipated that manufacturing and distribution of this robot will begin in the third quarter of this year . Costing close to US$30,000 for international customers, the robot will be available on the market, providing a competitive and affordable alternative in the realm of humanoid robots.

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