Tesla presented the Optimus Gen 2: now it is more “human”

Isbel Lázaro.

Tesla presentó el Optimus Gen 2

Inspenet, December 15, 2023.

Following the introduction of the original model in early 2023, Tesla has revealed the second generation of its humanoid robot designed to assist humans in repetitive tasks. The new Tesla Optimus Gen 2 retains the same aesthetics as its predecessor, but introduces significant improvements, such as the integration of sensors in the fingers for manipulating objects and a weight reduction of up to 10 Kg, without compromising its performance.

Tesla has presented the Optimus Gen 2 in a demonstration video, ensuring that this robot incorporates actuators and sensors designed and developed internally by the company. Also known as the second-generation Tesla Bot, it now features a motion-controlled powered neck , allowing you to move your neck subtly and smoothly, mimicking human movements.

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According to the company led by Elon Musk, the Tesla Optimus Gen 2 has the ability to walk up to 30% faster than its previous generation. This is achieved in part thanks to a revision in the geometry of the robot’s feet, which now have a configuration similar to that of humans.

Likewise, Tesla has incorporated force and joint sensors in the Optimus Gen 2 with the aim of achieving smoother movements. The company also highlights improvements in balance and body control, which could make it easier for the robot to handle heavier loads or move with stability on uneven terrain where the ground is not completely uniform.

Tesla Optimus Gen 2: a more “human” robot

The Tesla Optimus Gen 2 features all-new hands as one of its standout features. These hands are essential in a robot designed to perform various tasks, as they are required to hold and move objects. The improved hands not only offer smoother finger movement, but also incorporate specific sensors designed to detect pressure. This ability allows the Optimus Gen 2 to manipulate delicate objects, such as eggs or crystals, more precisely.

Currently, Tesla has not provided additional information regarding the availability or intention to market the Optimus Gen 2 robot. According to reports from Electreck, it is suggested that the company plans to use the robot in its own production operations and subsequently consider selling it once they have confirmed its usefulness.

Although there are aspects that have not yet been revealed, such as the height of the robot and certain features that Elon Musk mentioned would be added in the future, such as the ability to transfer your personality to the robot.

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