MAN develops new dual-fuel methanol engine

motor de metanol de MAN

Inspenet, December 30, 2023.

German engine manufacturer, MAN Energy Solutions , has revealed its plans to launch a dual-fuel methanol engine , which is a version of its MAN 175D high-speed engine, capable of operating on methanol.

Called the MAN 175DF-M , this new variant will be available in late 2026 and will offer both newbuild and retrofit options to meet the changing demands of the maritime industry.

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This engine has already obtained the “fuel ready” certification from DNV, highlighting its readiness for the implementation of dual fuel technology with methanol. This certification ensures that the engine is optimally designed for diesel-mechanical and diesel-electric propulsion, allowing the maximum utilization of methanol and the best efficiency to be achieved in various applications and load profiles.

The MAN 175D has proven to be highly competitive in terms of sustainability and efficiency, with the lowest fuel consumption, lowest lubricating oil consumption and longest overhaul times in its class, minimizing its environmental footprint. As for future fuels, the next logical step, in addition to being able to run on 100% biofuels, is to guarantee the combustion of methanol.” Expresses Florian Keiler, Director of High Speed ​​at MAN Energy Solutions.

MAN Energy Solutions engines

The 175D engine represents a recent addition to MAN Energy Solutions’ range of high-speed engines in the marine sector. This plays a key role in the company’s strategy to build a portfolio of engines adapted for the use of methanol, in response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly propulsion systems in the maritime industry.

After achieving serial approval success for its two-stroke engines, the company has applied that experience to develop an optimized solution for its four-stroke engines. This includes successful tests performed on a single cylinder. The results obtained in these efforts will serve as a basis for the upcoming development and validation of port fuel injection (PFI) dual-fuel technology for its 175D engine adapted for methanol use.

According to MAN Energy Solutions, PFI technology is currently considered the most advanced. Its development aims to achieve the maximum proportion of methanol in a wide power range, while achieving the greatest power in the cylinders, placing the 175DF-M engine in the category of class-leading high-speed engines. Engine optimization for diesel-electric plants with multiple engines will allow operation at an optimal load point, thus achieving the highest possible proportion of methanol.

This approach results in the use of biofuels in the MAN 175DF-M engine can contribute to reducing the engine’s carbon footprint to zero. At the same time, the flexibility of the fuel to operate anywhere in the world is maintained, aligning with the global trend towards sustainable maritime transport practices.

More details about the MAN 175D methanol engine

The MAN 175D high-speed engine is available in three configurations with 12, 16 and 20 cylinders, each with an internal diameter of 175 mm, intended for mechanical or electrical propulsion, as well as on-board power generation. It operates in a range of 1,500 to 2,000 rpm, offering powers ranging between 1,440 and 4,400 kW.

This engine has been specifically designed to power ferries, offshore supply vessels, tugboats and other work vessels. Additionally, it is available in customized versions to meet the needs of specific markets such as superyachts and marine applications.

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