Naturgy seeks to convert vehicle batteries into storage systems

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, November 12, 2023.

naturgy, through Naturgy Innovahub, its platform dedicated to research in technologies linked to the energy transition, has established a collaboration agreement with the Ciudad de la Energía Foundation (CIUDEN) to carry out a pioneering project in the field of energy storage through the use of second-life batteries from electric vehicles.

With this collaboration, Naturgy and CIUDEN will carry out tests of an innovative stationary storage system based on recycled electric vehicle batteries, designed to offer backup services to the electrical grid.

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This system consists of battery modules and their storage capacity can be adjusted according to needs . In addition to its application in supporting the electrical grid, this solution could be used in industrial and residential environments linked to self-consumption facilities.

About the storage system

The storage systems generated will make it possible to safeguard energy both in projects that are combined with renewable plants and in independent configurations. Therefore, its uses cover various applications, such as the management of renewable generation, arbitration, backup in failure situations, reduction of demand peaks, among others. The estimated capacity of these systems will be around 450 kWh, through the incorporation of batteries in standardized containers designed for placement in outdoor environments.

The project, with a planned duration of two years, will be carried out at the facilities of the CIUDEN Technology Development Center in Cubillos del Sil (León) and will include the collaboration of the European start-up Octave. The latter will be in charge of renewing the batteries and developing the storage system control software, in addition to integrating it into the established configuration.

This project marks a significant advance in the circular economy, exploring options for more sustainable energy solutions by taking advantage of existing resources, such as electric vehicle batteries. Its goal is to extend the life of these batteries while reducing the environmental impact associated with their recycling.

Jesús Chapado, Director of Innovation at Naturgy, has pointed out that “Innovation is the key tool in the search for clean energy solutions for the future. Furthermore, this project is a clear example of the company’s innovation model, designed to weave collaboration networks with the ecosystem that allow us to respond to the complexity of the environment and resolve challenges in an agile and effective way.”.

For his part, Javier Quiñones, director of the R&D&i area of ​​CIUDEN, has indicated that “This public-private collaboration reinforces the Center’s lines of innovation framed in the energy storage project. Furthermore, it favors the direct application in the market of the results obtained, being very useful to promote the use of renewable energies and the decarbonization of our economy.”.

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