MIS Marine continues its global expansion and the promotion of its products from its American office


Inspenet, October 1, 2023.

Textual note taken from MIS MARINE dated September 30, 2023

Robert Kessler now heads the MIS Marine office in Houston. With over 35 years of experience in shipping and port call optimization, Robert has previously worked at Voyager Portal, PortVision and ABS. Robert will lead the global development and deployment of MIS Marine’s port and terminal product, Mainstay Marine Terminal Operations, focusing on North America building on the company’s success in the region. MIS Marine has gained 20 new clients since 2020, more than 50% of which are based in Texas, including Philips 66 and Motiva.

The impact of increasingly complex sanctions and the evolving regulatory landscape have driven demand for maritime assurance that can provide real-time updates and support in the management and analysis of the huge volumes of data that have become part of daily operations.

Following increased exports of liquefied natural gas on the Gulf Coast, MIS Marine has also seen renewed demand for technology that can drive operational efficiency in streamlined supply chain communication, improved port operations and advanced techniques for selecting the best vessel for a charter.

MIS Marine is also very active in Latin America, following the appointment of Gonzalo Mera Truffini in 2021 as Executive Director for the Americas, leading the company’s presence and customer support in the region, in addition to developing relationships with key organizations in the sector, such as OCIMF and SLOM.

In the words of Dominic McKnight Hardy, Managing Director of MIS Marine: At this critical time for shipping, with the sector facing sanctions, emissions reductions and regulatory compliance, “examining” is not enough. We need a new approach and mindset – what we call Marine Assurance 2.0 – that safeguards the entire operation and delivers regulatory, environmental compliance and efficiency across the supply chain. Our Houston office is a natural extension of our global expansion and will allow us to be right next to our current clients and within reach of potential clients across America, led by Bob.”

In the words of Robert Kessler, Product Director at MIS Marine: “Marine terminal operations and risk assessment for shipping are transforming, and MIS Marine is at the forefront of this change, providing innovative solutions for these complex issues”.

“I am excited to apply my knowledge and experience to optimize marine terminal operations to increase operational efficiency and reduce emissions. There is an incredible opportunity for growth in the industry, as new risks, technologies and mindsets require a fresh approach that MIS Marine is uniquely positioned to provide.”

Source: https://mismarine.com/es/home-espanol/

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