MIS Marine announced its membership with Energy LEAP

Inspenet, May 2, 2023

MIS Marine is proud to announce its membership with Energy LEAP .

Energy LEAP and its members, comprised of energy companies and industry leaders from across the globe, work together to identify smarter and more efficient ways of working across the energy supply chain.

Driving efficiency, collaboration and digitalisation, the goals of Energy LEAP resonate closely with the vision and values of MIS.

One of the aims of the organisation is to establish a standardised and transparent approach to data sharing across the industry.

There is a growing requirement in the Marine Assurance industry to analyse, audit, vet and transfer information about marine entities in order to improve operational efficiency, reduce the risk of harmful incidents and keep up with a global business infrastructure that is becoming more digitalised.

This requires a common understanding of what different marine data is supposed to show, and a format in which data can be shared across multiple users without compromising usability and compatibility with each of their business requirements.

Data standards will make it easier to create, share, and integrate data by ensuring that data sent and received are in an expected, consistent and usable format.

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MIS Marine announced its membership with Energy LEAP

Optimising a standardised approach towards units of measurements and naming conventions (collectively ‘data standards’) will provide a host of benefits, namely:

• Consistency: Data standards will ensure consistency and uniformity in the vessel, terminal and cargo details collected, which is essential for ensuring accurate data sharing and processing.

• Transparency: Streamlined and integrated processes will allow for a fully recordable trail of documentation exchange, supporting audits and reporting.

• Safety: Data standards will further increase safety and environmental protection through its ability to seamlessly integrate and share the latest vessel information.

• Efficiency: Data standards will improve efficiency by making it easier to plan and coordinate shipping operations, including the scheduling of vessels, Marine Assurance checks, allocation of cargo, and the routing of ships.

• International Trade: Data standards will support the facilitating of international trade, ensuring that goods can be transported across borders and between different modes of transportation, while avoiding potential sanctions.

MIS Marine looks forward to working as part of the Energy LEAP membership to help drive positive change in the maritime industry.

Source and photo: MIS Marine

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