MSC will not transit the Suez Canal until the Red Sea is safe

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Mar Rojo

The shipping company Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has declared that it is suspending the navigation of its ships through the Suez Canal until safety on the Red Sea route is guaranteed. This decision has led to the modification of several services on the East-West connection.

“Given the security situation in the Red Sea and to ensure the safety of our crew, MSC ships will not transit the Suez Canal in an easterly or westerly direction until passage through the Red Sea is safe again ” , indicated the shipping company.

The rerouting of all ships through the Cape has impacted global shipping networks. MSC is therefore adapting its East-West routes to manage this disruption.”he added.

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As such, rotations will be changed and vessels added to limit disruption to the sailing schedule due to the detour through the Cape ,” he added.

It is important to mention that modifications will occur in the Condor, Griffin, Jade, Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon and Empire services. MSC also clarified that Albatros, Silk, Lion, Swan, America, Emerald, Elephant and Santana services have not seen any changes, although longer transit times are anticipated when opting for the via-Cape route.

Tension in the Red Sea

Currently, the Red Sea has experienced geopolitical and security tensions that have raised concerns for shipping companies. Factors such as regional conflicts, attacks on ships and the presence of insurgent groups have contributed to the perception of risks in the area. The strategic importance of the Red Sea as a crucial route for international trade, particularly the Suez Canal, adds an additional layer of concern for shipping companies.

The situation has resulted in decisions by some shipping companies, such as Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), to avoid navigation through the Suez Canal until safety in the Red Sea is guaranteed. These changes in routes and services can affect logistics and the transit time of goods in the region. Concern for security and geopolitical stability has led to the re-evaluation of maritime operations in this strategic area.

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