MOWT: technology for floating tidal turbines

Inspenet, September 30, 2023.

Rivtide Power, a company specializing in renewables, is on the verge of transforming hydroelectric power generation. This startup has a turbine technology called MOWT (Mass of Water Turbine) that focuses on harnessing the energy available in slow-flowing waters, whether in rivers, estuaries or ocean currents.

The company is not limited to just having an innovative idea, as they have already presented a prototype of this turbine in 2021. After achieving encouraging results with its Mark 1 system, the company is working on the Mark 2 system, which will be tested off the Scottish coast in collaboration with the SMART:SCOTLAND project. Additionally, this project has the financial backing of Scottish Enterprise, which has provided Rivtide Power with funding of approximately €116,000 .

MOWT technology for floating turbines: What does it consist of?

The MOWT is based on a hydrokinetic turbine that produces electricity from the movement of water . Its design includes a system of conveyor belts equipped with paddles that are submerged in the water, altering its flow. When the liquid propels the ribbons, they rotate and activate a generator responsible for generating electricity.

This technology has been specially designed to efficiently extract energy from waters with relatively low flow speeds, less than 2 meters per second. Its peculiarity is that, instead of focusing on the speed of the water, the MOWT takes advantage of the mass or volume of the water for energy generation . This feature significantly expands the implementation possibilities compared to conventional hydrokinetic turbines.

MOWT Features

  • Versatility in water flow: Specifically designed to work effectively in slow-moving waters.
  • Scalable: It can be adapted to produce from small amounts of kilowatts to several megawatts for connection to the electrical grid.
  • Self-installation capacity: Thanks to its adjustable flotation system, it can be self-installed, either floating on the surface or submerged in water.
  • Friendly to marine life: By rotating at the same rate as the surrounding water, it poses no threat to fish and marine mammals.
  • Wide deployment possibilities: Its ability to adapt to slow-flowing waters makes it suitable for a variety of applications, offering greater deployment opportunities compared to other turbines.

The future of renewable energy looks promising with innovations like that of Rivtide Power. With the potential to change the way we harness energy from our waters, MOWT is undoubtedly a technology that deserves our attention.

Source and photo: https://ecoinventos.com/mowt/

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