Floating Vertical Wind Turbines: The Newest in Power Generation

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Turbinas eólicas verticales

Inspenet, August 9, 2023.

A Swedish company has developed novel vertical wind turbines , in an effort to maximize the utilization of natural forces.

Wind turbines installed in offshore environments are gaining increasing relevance and popularity due to their ability to capture the powerful and constant energy of the offshore wind. Offshore wind turbines, being larger, more capable and more efficient than their conventional land-based counterparts, present themselves as a valuable source of clean energy .

Vertical wind turbines are produced by SeaTwirl

Swedish company SeaTwirl has announced the successful delivery of its first batch of vertical wind turbines to a wind power project in the North Sea. These turbines, specially conceived for implementation in floating wind farms, were commissioned as a result of a collaboration with Kontiki Winds earlier this year.

Under the terms of this agreement, SeaTwirl was commissioned to explore opportunities for the electrification of offshore oil and gas assets using its floating wind turbines. Following the framework established in the MoU, SeaTwirl has developed a lower capacity turbine called S1.5, designed to withstand and operate in the challenging conditions of the North Sea.

More about the S1.5 model

The model called S1.5 represents a wind turbine with a capacity of 30 kW and a diameter of 10 meters. Designed to be located 13 meters above sea level and 18 meters below the surface , this innovative turbine is the product of the SeaTwirl company. According to the company, its turbines are capable of being fixed at greater depths than conventional offshore wind turbines, which are normally limited to operating in waters between 50 and 60 meters deep.

This technology is anticipated to lead to increased power generation, making it an attractive alternative for electrifying marine resources . The development of offshore vertical wind turbine technology by SeaTwirl and its partners presents a number of potential benefits, including increased power production in deeper water, greater resistance to high winds, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Innovations like this capture attention and open the door to a growing number of alternatives and opportunities in clean energy generation. Of course, further research and testing will be necessary to fully understand the long-term potential of this technology and its implications for the offshore wind industry. However, so far, the outlook is quite encouraging.

Stronger and more constant winds at higher altitudes have the capacity to generate more power, which is presented as an advantage compared to seeking extensive land for the installation of conventional wind turbines. More news about these new wind turbines will continue to emerge and is anticipated to be favorable.

Source and photo: https://www.diariomotor.com/energia-sostenibilidad/turbinas-eolicas-verticales-eolica-flotante/

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