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Honda Motor Argentina is the first motorcycle factory with 100% renewable energy

Inspenet, October 21, 2023.

Honda Motor of Argentina and YPF Luz have established an innovative collaboration in the industrial field of Argentina, marking an important advance towards sustainability and the reduction of emissions by carrying out all the company’s mobility operations at its Campana plant using exclusively renewable energy.

We are happy with the implementation of this new stage of the alliance with YPF, which also occurs within the framework of the celebration of our 45 years of presence in the country. For us it is a pride to manufacture Argentine motorcycles with renewable energy, with the help of the main energy company in the country with 100 years of history.“said Takashi Fujisaki, president of Honda Motor of Argentina.

The first motorcycle factory with renewable energy

The collaboration between Honda and YPF began in early 2022 with the purpose of creating valuable solutions for the industry. In the first phase, YPF Luz established the necessary infrastructure to supply sustainable energy from the Zonda solar park in San Juan to the Honda plant in the province of Buenos Aires. Thanks to this, last June the Japanese company became the only motorcycle factory in Argentina that uses sustainable energy in all of its production processes .

This move toward sustainability reflects Honda’s global commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition to the use of clean energy, the Japanese mobility company is taking measures to improve water management, increase recycling and optimize waste management at its production plant.

The collaboration between two leading companies such as Honda and YPF Luz exemplifies how the industry can take a proactive role by implementing concrete actions to reduce its environmental impact. In addition, this association offers customers and followers of these brands new sustainable mobility alternatives.

This approach not only contributes to climate change mitigation, but also sets an inspiring standard for other productive sectors, highlighting that the transition towards carbon-neutral production is achievable and essential in the fight for a more sustainable future.

Source: https://www.infobae.com/inhouse/2023/10/09/argentina-ya-tiene-la-primera-fabrica-de-motos-100-carbono-neutral/

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