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More than 7,000 women are part of the natural gas industry in Colombia

Inspenet, March 10, 2023

A recent analysis carried out by the Colombian Natural Gas Association (NATURGAS) at the end of 2022 indicates that the natural gas industry has the participation of more than 7,000 women within the companies that are part of this union in the country. Likewise, just over 600 professionals hold leadership positions within these organizations, in which they have managed to promote important projects.

Although the sector registers important advances in terms of women’s participation, it also recognizes that the role of women in large industries in Colombia ceased to be a trend and was established as a fundamental form of participation in companies to offer a innovative vision, as well as promote growth and greater diversity within their organizations.

For Luz Stella Murgas, president of the Colombian Natural Gas Association (NATURGAS), the formula for women to make a difference in any organization is based on “self-confidence, consistency and innovative character, all of this added to curiosity, a skill that allows us to be more creative and productive in our professions. This is not a matter of gender, but of different ways of managing human resources, defining objectives, understanding environments, planning and managing results.”

Today, all the professionals that make up the different areas of the companies affiliated with Naturgas offer the best of their ability and talent for the benefit of the companies that contribute to the growth of the natural gas industry in the country and have the possibility of accessing to promotion, training and development programs that allow them to have the possibility of growing, innovating and contributing new ideas in different areas of the organization.

In this sense, the companies affiliated with Naturgas have good practices in labor inclusion, empowerment and gender equality in all their collaborators. They also provide tools to counteract unconscious biases to promote diversity at work, actions that make it easier for them to have a greater participation of women in processes of leadership, transformation and sustainable growth.

So far in 2022, companies such as Canacol Energy, EPM, Vanti, Hocol and Efigas have obtained various recognitions such as the “Equipares Seal”, the PAR Ranking and Great Place To Work (GPTW), which recognized valuable advances in the closure of gender gaps, as well as the promotion of policies and processes in favor of gender diversity, diversity and a good work environment for all its collaborators.

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