Argentina: Taca Taca mining project could start very soon

Proyecto minero Taca Taca

The Taca Taca mining project involves an investment of more than 3.5 billion dollars by the company First Quantum Minerals in the province of Salta, Argentina. This initiative is expected to generate around 9,000 jobs, both direct and indirect, during its peak construction phase.

This proposal has the potential to transform the productive structure of the province, promoting annual copper exports worth 2 billion dollars and consolidating mining as the main economic activity in Salta. The launch of the mine is also expected to have a significant impact on the province’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), consolidating it as a relevant player in the global copper market.

Within the framework of these developments, the governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáenz and the Secretary of Mining of the Nation, Flavia Royón, held a meeting with the directors of the company First Quantum Minerals and its subsidiary Corriente Argentina SA, responsible for the execution of the Taca Taca project in Tolar Grande. Among the participants were John Dean, general manager of Project Feasibility and Germán Pérez, superintendent of Finance and Administration.

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The company reaffirmed its commitment to move quickly with the construction of the project, ensuring compliance with the environmental and social regulations established by the province. At the end of the meeting, Sáenz pointed out that they continue to coordinate with the national government to adjust the necessary fiscal conditions and start the project.

The United States and the Taca Taca mining project

The head of the mining portfolio also held meetings with representatives of the United States Department of State, focusing on opportunities and growth potential in the Argentine mining sector. In particular, Royón met with Paul Hueper, director of Energy and Mining Programs; Faith Corneille, Global Energy Sector Program Manager; and George Cajati, Critical Minerals team leader.

During the meeting, both parties showed interest in strengthening relations and collaborating mutually on issues of interest to both Argentina and the United States ,” said a statement from the ministry.

There was particular talk of providing support in technical cooperation, as well as the opportunity to develop low-emission mining, given the Argentine solar resource ,” the report added.

Additionally, government representatives from both countries discussed the facilitation and financial support for mining projects in the exploitation and construction stages, as well as the strengthening of the Argentine Mining Geological Service (Segemar).

Both Royón and State Department officials highlighted Argentina’s potential to stand out globally in the mining industry and to be a reliable supplier of minerals. Also participating in the meeting were Araceli Guzman, Undersecretary of Mining Policy; Mattew Strokes, Economic Affairs Counselor at the United States Embassy; and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

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