Methane discovered in coal fields in China

yacimientos de carbón

Inspenet, October 25, 2023.

Last Monday, October 23, the National Oil Corporation in the South China Sea (CNOOC) made public the discovery of an important source of methane in coalbed deposits (CBM), with reserves that They amount to billions of m 3 .

This discovery took place in the province of Shaanxi, located in northwest China and is estimated to have proven reserves exceeding 110 billion m 3 , according to CGTN.

“The discovery lays a solid foundation for the company to build a large onshore gas production platform, which will produce up to one trillion m3 of verified gas at the site ,” said Zhou Xinhuai, CEO of CNOOC.

The deep layers of coal deposits

Deep CBMs refer to natural gas deposits located at depths greater than 1,500 meters, contained in coal deposits. The Shenfu reservoir, for example, lies at a depth of around 2,000 meters and varies in thickness from 6.2 meters to 23.3 meters in a single layer, averaging around 15 m 3 of gas per ton. of coal.

Currently, more than 100 exploration wells have been drilled in the region, with a maximum daily production of approximately 26,000 m 3 of gas per well.

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