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Ecopetrol and Shell discovered natural gas in Colombian territory

Inspenet, October 23, 2023.

New discovery of natural gas!

Colombia’s main energy company, Ecopetrol, announced a gas discovery in the southern Colombian Caribbean. This is a natural gas reserve discovered in the Glaucus-1 exploratory well, located in deep waters of the Colombian Caribbean, about 75 km from the coast and more than 130 km from the Coveñas municipality, with a water depth of around 2,340 meters.

The Glaucus-1 well was drilled in the COL-5 block safely and efficiently, with the support of multiple national and local authorities. In Glaucus-1, Ecopetrol has 50% of the participation and Shell is the operator, with the remaining 50%“the company said in a statement.

Drilling of the well took place from mid-July to early August of this year and reached a depth of 4,284 meters. The presence of natural gas was confirmed in the region that includes the COL-5, Fuerte Sur and Purple Angel blocks, where previous discoveries had been made in the Kronos-1 (2015), Purple Angel-1 (2017) and Gorgon- 2ST2 (2022).

It is very gratifying for Ecopetrol to deliver this result to Colombia today. This is the discovery of gas in the Glaucus-1 well, in an activity that was carried out impeccably, without HSE incidents and that will allow us to add resources to those already discovered in Gorgon. This discovery was achieved together with Shell, in the south of the Colombian Caribbean, a region that has shown us that we have very valuable opportunities to add more gas reserves to the country.“said the president of Ecopetrol, Ricardo Roa.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Andrés Camacho, expressed his satisfaction and commented that ” we continue to provide energy security for the country and pave the way towards the energy transition .”


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