Megaton Moon: the mega solar-wind park that will be seen from space


Inspenet, December 3, 2023.

Danish company GreenGo Energy has revealed its plans for the “Megaton Moon” project, an impressive green energy megapark with a capacity of 60 GW/190 TWh that it intends to build in Mauritania, located in West Africa.

The company has submitted a development application to the Mauritanian Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines for its unique, yet unconventional proposal, Megaton Moon. If approved and built, this project would be positioned as one of the largest green energy parks in the world.

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The GreenGo megapark

The design of the Megaton Moon has been conceived with its own name in mind and the company maintains that it would include a solar and wind generation capacity of 60 GW, in addition to having a hydrogen electrolysis capacity of 35 GW. This infrastructure would be sufficient to produce 4 million tons of green hydrogen annually or, in the case of further transformation, up to 18 million tons of green ammonia.

GreenGo Energy aims for the first phase of its project to enter commercial operation by 2028, while the last of the three phases is planned between 2033 and 2035. The company hopes that this project will stimulate local production of solar panels, wind turbine blades and electrolysis components. The urgency of addressing the climate crisis is undeniable, and GreenGo highlights the need to take immediate action to meet the Paris commitments and reach the net-zero emissions goal.

Additionally, the company has plans for a 4 GW Megaton project in Denmark, having already concluded agreements with project engineers and development partners. The Megaton Moon represents a significant initiative in the fight against climate change, with the ambition to supply 1% of the total global demand for green hydrogen by 2050, thus contributing to the goal of net zero emissions. This implies that only one hundred projects of this magnitude are needed to be completed and delivering green fuels around the world by 2050.

In parallel, Mauritania is working on drafting a law on green hydrogen, with the expectation of approving it in the first quarter of 2024.

Nielsen sees Mauritania as “ideally positioned to become one of the future global centers of production of green hydrogen for a number of compelling reasons,” including “some of the best solar and wind resource junctions in the world, large expanses of suitable flat land and coastal proximity to water and shipping.”

Furthermore, Niesel expects the cost of green hydrogen production in Mauritania to be half that in northern Europe, and “potentially lower.”


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