Meet the largest combine harvester in the world!

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la cosechadora mas grande del mundo CR 11

Inspenet, December 9, 2023.

At the Agritechnica machinery fair, New Holland (NH) officially presented the CR 11, which stands out not only for being the largest combine harvester in the world, but also for being the only one awarded the gold medal awarded by the Agritechnica organization this year due to its characteristics and manufacturing process .

This machine will be produced exclusively at NH’s Harvest Center of Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium and will begin its introduction in Europe and the United States, with future plans to reach South America in the medium term.

CR 11: The largest combine harvester in the world

It is important to note that until now, the largest harvester recorded also belonged to New Holland: the CR 10.90, recognized for setting the world record for the largest amount of wheat harvested in eight hours, reaching 797,656 tons.

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NH projections indicate that CR 11 increases this capacity by 30% . It is not only about its size, but also about the new standards of productivity it offers, its focus on sustainability by reducing grain losses to practically zero, improving grain quality and efficiently managing waste.

This is the launch of a new family of combines, the largest in the world, with a header of up to 61 feet. In addition, it stands out for its high capacity and its artificial intelligence system, in which all regulations are made automatically.”mentioned Flavio Mazzetto, one of the brand’s executives.

More details about the CR 11 combine

Thanks to its powerful 775 HP C16 engine, 2×24 inch rotors, a 20,000 liter grain tank and a discharge flow rate of 210 l/second, the largest combine harvester in the world significantly increases productivity, reaching unprecedented levels.

New Holland engineers set about developing a highly efficient harvesting machine, focusing their efforts on creating a dual cleaning shoe. The innovative Twin Clean cleaning shoe features two consecutive cleaning systems, with 2 upper sieves, 2 lower sieves, 2 clean grain augers and 2 sets of pressure sensors to evaluate the loading of the cleaning shoe.

The completely renovated waste management system incorporates a chopper and straw spreader mechanism designed to ensure superior quality chopping and uniform waste distribution over a cutting width of up to 60 feet.

Meanwhile, the Intellispread radar system automates spread management to ensure comprehensive, uniform coverage of residue at the rear of the combine, regardless of wind effects, crop type or moisture conditions. Furthermore, a new automated method has been developed to eliminate slugs with the aim of minimizing downtime. In a first for the industry, the new Twin Clean is completely automated, guaranteeing a homogeneous cross distribution of the cleaning shoe, which allows practically zero loss levels to be achieved.

Machinery challenges

Although the new CR11 combine is designed to operate at maximum capacity, New Holland recognizes that it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of clogging. In the unlikely event that an obstruction occurs, the automatic clearing procedure will guide the operator through a disengagement process to clear the combine in minutes instead of hours, without requiring the operator to leave the cab or exert any effort. physical.

By significantly reducing the downtime associated with such situations, the automatic reverser makes it easy and encouraging the operator to make the most of the combine’s capacity without the fear of getting stuck. Additionally, this feature improves safety by eliminating the need for a person to exit the cab during the automated disconnection process.

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