Meet the 5 most amazing gas stations in the world

Inspenet, March 29, 2023

Finding a gas station isn’t too difficult—there is usually at least one every few miles in any city—but finding the gas stations with the best cutting-edge design can be more of a challenge. They are generally designed to get customers through as quickly and efficiently as possible, and are not the kind of architecture one thinks of when imagining amazing structures.

In this list, gas stations and rest stops go from purely utilitarian to profoundly magnificent, with unique designs that alone are worth a road trip. We will show you the 5 most incredible gas stations:

1592 gasolinera 1
Gas station in Arcadia, Oklahoma

1. Arcadia, Oklahoma: Located along historic Route 66 in Oklahoma, Pops Gas Station has earned something of a cult following since it opened in 2007. Described as having a “unique ultra-modern design”, the restaurant, convenience store and gas station is not to be missed thanks to its 20-meter-tall LED statue.

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Gas station in Madrid, Spain

2. Madrid, Spain: About 30 kilometers from Madrid is this fluid and curvaceous gas station designed by the Spanish studio Moneo Brock. In working on the project, the company cited the optimism and modernism that exuded the gas stations of the 1940s and 1950s, but hoped that spirit would be more playful in this modern, design-forward interpretation.

1592 gasolinera 3
Gas station in Galanta, Slovakia

3. Galanta, Slovakia: Designed by Prague studio Atelier SAD, this Galanta gas station was built in 2011. The curved canopy is made of reinforced concrete and is supported by three large columns, creating a unique contrast between the streamlined kiosk and the organic cantilever.

1592 gasolinera 4
Helios House gas station in Los Angeles, California

4. Los Angeles, California: Called the Helios House, this Los Angeles gas station is made from recycled stainless steel and incorporates 90 solar panels. Ogilvy & Mather and Brian Collins contracted Office dA to carry out the green design, asking the team to reimagine the gas station in a cutting-edge way.

1592 gasolinera 5 expo Dubai
Gas station Expo 2020 in Dubai

5. District 20, Dubai: Opened during Expo 2020, it is the world’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum-certified filling station, with a design inspired by the ghaf tree. The canopy of the service station consists of 133 diamond-shaped frames, 37 tons of carbon fiber, a light and ecological material five times lighter and three times stronger than steel. These frames house inflated ETFE cushions and photovoltaic panels. The entire structure is supported by an exoskeleton consisting of 9 thin molded CFRP Ghaf trees.

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Photo 1 Arcadia . Stock Photo Astur / Getty Images.

Photo 2 Madrid . Åke Eson Lindman / Stock.

Photo 3 Galantia . Tomás Soucek / Getty Images.

Photo 4 Los Angeles . Patrick T. Fallon/Getty Images.

Photo 5 Dubai .

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