Maxun Solar developed solar panels that generate more energy in less space

Inspenet, May 13, 2023

The company Maxun Solar presented a new development in solar panels, which allows harnessing and optimizing the collection of solar energy, either for personal or industrial use, in buildings with flat roofs with photovoltaic, thermal or combined generation, improving the results offered by the facilities. fixed.

This company has developed the first dual-axis, low-profile solar microtracking system. This system is designed for buildings and constructions, which do not have pitched roofs and instead have flat roofs.

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Maxun Solar developed solar panels that generate more energy in less space

Maxun Solar uses satellite technology to optimize energy generation

To function, this development uses solar cogeneration, for which it uses high-efficiency solar cells used in satellites which it combines with concentration optics and thus obtain cogeneration systems with photovoltaic panel and thermal generation.

This development allows the creation of facilities that capture and generate energy in the form of electricity and heat that can later be used in heating, cooling, industrial applications, among others, energy that can be combined with storage systems to have it available 24 hours a day. , even at times when the price of electricity is higher.

According to the company, with this system energy generation is optimized, since, compared to traditional photovoltaic panels, it allows generating up to 2.5 times more energy using half the space and having a lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy). lower than standard photovoltaic panels.

According to the company, this system is ideal for use in snowy climates thanks to the ability to tilt to remove snow, so that there is no loss of energy caused by accumulated snow.

In addition, thanks to the use of CPVT technology, it offers up to 35% more photovoltaic energy simultaneously with 50% thermal efficiency and a reduction in environmental impact, since it emits 80% less CO2 to generate energy compared to traditional solar panels and shortens the time it takes to amortize the installation by 30%.

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