Marine Assurance 2.0 – The future of vetting and compliance


Inspenet, March 2, 2023

Sanctions, emissions, labour, vessel behaviour – The risks facing shipping are evolving. Along with it, the data available to assess these risks is growing in size and quality, and the technology available to process this data is now able to provide advanced analytical and business intelligence.

As a result, the way the industry must now approach risk assessment has changed. Through the combination of new risk, new regulations, new technologies, and new mindsets, the industry has now entered the age of Marine Assurance 2.0.

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Understanding your complete risk

Through a new approach to risk modelling, compliance, digitalisation, and decarbonisation, Marine Assurance 2.0 allows us to go beyond the fundamental aspects of safety and pollution prevention, leveraging comprehensive data sources and the latest technologies to deepen insight, drive policy, monitor compliance and streamline efficiency for a complete risk management approach.

With Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science powering intelligent decision-making and driving learning through statistical analysis, Marine Assurance now provides a feedback loop into newly informed assurance policies – creating a continuous improvement cycle.

Efficiency across the whole operation

Now underpinning the complete voyage lifecycle, Marine Assurance 2.0 still provides a view of a vessel’s condition and physical suitability, but delves deeper to span an entire voyage, the individual elements within and its operation, providing a complete oversight of compliance, environmental and operational efficiency throughout the whole supply chain.

For a future which demands safer, greener and more sustainable shipping, companies need more efficient, transparent and complete risk management processes.

Supporting energy companies, terminals, charterers and offshore operators, MIS Marine’s Mainstay Suite supports operations of all sizes in understanding their complete risk profile through digitalisation, and the benefits this new world has to offer.

Source and photo: MIS Marine

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