Maersk will open a new Global Service Center in Mexico and Brazil

Inspenet, April 23, 2023

Maersk announced the opening of a new Global Service Center (GSC) for the Americas region, with headquarters in Mexico City, Mexico, and a hub in Santos, Brazil.

These new locations will combine the availability of talent across functions and disciplines in areas such as customer experience, finance, process management, technology and data/analytics.

The GSC plays a critical role in delivering results to clients and enables decision making and prioritization. In addition, it will bring regional experience to support the growing needs of clients, with support in English, Spanish and Portuguese, availability of scalable talent and standardization of processes.

“As part of our transformation journey to become increasingly customer-centric, offshoring some of our key processes close to where our customers are is another way to ensure we speak the same language as them. In addition, the opening of our centers in thriving cities in Brazil and Mexico will also offer exciting opportunities for our talent in the Americas,” said Farheen Mahmud, Director of GSC Americas.

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Maersk will open a new Global Service Center in Mexico and Brazil

Maersk has an integrating strategy

The GSC also spans India (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune), China (Chengdu, Chongqing) and the Philippines (Manila), with a small hub in Morocco (Tangier).

This initiative not only oversees the strategic execution of financial and business processes, but also works closely with technology teams based at Maersk GSC. It focuses on processes, customers and people. In addition, they have a comprehensive cross-functional perspective on the design and execution of processes. This is possible thanks to a centralized configuration, which drives standardization and ensures a consistent global customer and employee experience.

Also, it comprises some of the best talent in engineering, digital innovation, finance, commercial, operations, who get exposure to the end-to-end process landscape and have the right environment to develop improvements, as well as for their personal development.

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