Is there life on Neptune? A former NASA employee said yes

Isbel Lázaro.

hay vida en neptuno

Inspenet, December 8, 2023.

Norman Bergrun, an 89-year-old former NASA employee, shared his ideas about multiple extraterrestrial civilizations in a radio interview. The most notable of his statements was his mention of life on Neptune.

According to Bergrun, on Neptune, the ice layer is 2.5 to 3 km thick and underneath is liquid water with a unique chemical composition. Recently, NASA’s space probe detected pulsating geysers deep within the planet, marking the first time they have been recorded. Additionally, there is confirmed evidence of sporadic volcanic eruptions.

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But beyond these statements about life on Neptune, it is not unreasonable to consider the fact that the landscape is covered in ice, but a few kilometers deep there is liquid water. Given that in the core of the planet the temperature reaches +7100 degrees, it could be speculated that in the depths, the water temperature could be moderate enough to allow the existence of life.

Is there life on Neptune? This was Bergrun’s confession

Likewise, Norman Bergrun stated that not only is there life on Neptune, but that this life is quite developed, taking the form of multicellular aquatic organisms that bear a certain similarity to dolphins. According to him, civilization on the planet is not technological, but rather biological, with respiration principles and different chemical processes.

According to Bergrun, in 1978, NASA had a department dedicated to establishing contact with representatives of other civilizations, among which were the inhabitants of Neptune, although direct communication did not take place.

The inhabitants of the aquatic environment do not have a structured language for communication and their extrasensory abilities are considerably inferior even to human ones. Despite these limitations, researchers explored Neptune’s oceans and observed various creatures, many of which lack a defined shape. However, the civilization made up of organisms similar to dolphins presents certain recognizable features, such as a skeleton, fins and numerous tentacles.

In addition, analogues of our jellyfish are found in the planet’s oceans, although considerably larger in size and with a marked reddish hue in their center. On Neptune, there are forms of life completely unknown to our classification.

Because development on Neptune followed a completely different course from that on Earth, the nature of the planet has remained unchanged. There is no presence of pollution caused by human activities in this environment. Norman Bergrun stated that NASA is seriously considering the possibility of drilling into Neptune’s ice sheet and submerging a device in its ocean. This operation was planned for the year 2046, suggesting that perhaps in our lifetime we will be able to witness the discovery of the mysterious inhabitants of other planets.

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