Leaders in corrosion meet at the AMPP 2023 Conference

Inspenet, March 20, 2023

The AMPP 2023 Annual Conference & Exposition kicked off on Sunday at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, USA, bringing together more than 6,000 industry professionals from 60 countries, as well as executives and leaders in corrosion and coatings. .

Inspenet, a technical platform for the energy sector, is on site to report everything that happens at this important event, which will last until Thursday, March 23.

On this occasion, Dr. Samir Degan, former president of NACE period 2017 -2018 and Eng. Tim Bieri, also former NACE 2020 President and former AMPP Board of Directors Chairman, graciously gave us an exclusive interview, where they expressed their expectations for the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference.

The ENG. Bieri explained that the advantage of having this type of face-to-face meeting is the opportunity to network. “To be able to connect with others in the industry, to understand who has the same problems, challenges or solutions that you might be looking for, that’s the great power of being here.”

In addition, he indicated that a variety of information, innovative equipment and products can be found at the event. The main themes of the Conference are “corrosion, coatings, materials and their selection, it is the whole range of what AMPP represents, protecting our materials and having solutions that will boost performance”.

For his part, Dr. Degan, indicated what the public attending the conference will see: “The attendees will see the latest technologies and services that are available in the industry, this is a platform where everyone comes and shares their experiences and find information that they can then use in their workplaces and make things better wherever they are, whether it’s their assets or the systems they work with, that’s what’s going to be at this event.”

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Source and Photo : Inspenet

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