Discover the Gulfstream G600 Jet on its transatlantic flight using 100% sustainable fuel


Inspenet, December 3, 2023.

Sustainable aviation fuel in a Gulfstream G600 Jet

In a push toward more environmentally friendly aviation technology, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation have achieved a significant milestone by completing a transatlantic flight using only sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This feat was accomplished with a Gulfstream G600 Jet equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PW800 series engines, which were adapted to operate exclusively with SAF. The objective of the transatlantic flight was to demonstrate engine and aircraft functionality in a real operational environment, thus supporting future specifications for 100% SAF use.

The anticipation is that initiatives like this will play a crucial role in achieving net zero CO2 emissions in the aviation industry in the coming decades, thus contributing to a more sustainable future. “Future 100 percent SAF operational approval will increase the versatility, reliability and fuel efficiency of the PW815GA engine to benefit Gulfstream and our customers“said Anthony Rossi, vice president of sales and marketing at Pratt & Whitney Canada, in a statement.

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Flight characteristics

The test flight took place on November 19, with the Gulfstream G600 aircraft taking off from Savannah, Georgia, and landing in Farnborough, United Kingdom. Both aircraft engines were powered by 100% hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (pure HEFA), an aircraft fuel that has at least 70% lower CO2 emissions over its life cycle compared to fossil fuels. According to the companies, World Energy handled production and World Fuel Services supplied the SAF used in the flight.

Flight autonomy

Gulfstream has maintained a collaboration with Pratt & Whitney Canada for more than a decade, and its G600 aircraft, in operation since 2019, is equipped with two PW815GA engines. The Canadian company’s PW800 engine family is essential in the business aircraft category, with more than 330,000 flight hours. The switch to 100% SAF fuel with this range of engines would be a significant boost for sustainable aviation.

In addition to SAF, companies are exploring solutions that include hydrogen, which stands out for its high energy content, ease of combustion and absence of carbon atoms. Although hydrogen fuel has the potential to enable zero-emission flights, it also presents significant challenges.

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