Iran’s space agency sent a rocket with animals into space

Isbel Lázaro.

envían cohete con animales

Inspenet, December 18, 2023.

Iran’s space program is at the center of global controversy after sending a rocket carrying animals into space. The scientific research agency argues that this action was carried out with a view to future colonization missions on other planets.

The launch took place from the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Semnan, northeast of the country, Iran’s government news agency reported.

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Rocket launch with animals

The capsule called Payam, weighing 500 kg, was equipped with a life support system for the animals. Inside were two mice, two fish and an insect . The capsule managed to reach an orbit 130 km from Earth, where it remained for several hours before descending back to the surface. The animals returned safe and in good health .

This launch represents a significant milestone for the Iranian space program, marking the first time Iran has sent a space capsule carrying animals into Earth orbit. The ISAI has highlighted that this event constitutes a crucial step in the preparation for sending humans to space in the coming years.

In addition to animal concerns, another adverse response emerged from the United States, whose government raised concerns about the possible use of Iranian space technology for weapons development. In contrast, some countries, such as Russia, praised Iran for the successful launch.

The fact that Iran successfully launched the Payam capsule indicates that the country is making progress in its space program . It is likely to continue developing its space capabilities in the coming years.

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