Introducing MIS Marine, Marine Assurance Specialists


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Inspenet, February 3, 2023

At MIS Marine, they are the industry’s leading Marine Assurance technology experts, delivering ship vetting solutions that help charterers, ports and terminals manage safety, environmental and operational performance.

‘Marine Assurance’ is a collection of processes undertaken by energy majors and charterers for the selection and monitoring of vessels that transport cargo by water. As an evolving discipline, Marine Assurance is now also supporting terminal operational performance, and the development of safe and efficient offshore operations. Previously solely concerned with the safety aspects or a vessel and its operation, ensuring that a voyage could be completed without harm to life and with minimal impact on the environment, Marine Assurance has since evolved to underpin decisions that drive operational safety, efficiency, compliance and sustainability.

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MIS Marine understands the challenges you face in staying on top of new rules and requirements, managing compliance and the complex information management needed to run safe and efficient vetting operations.

That’s why they’ve developed Mainstay©, the industry’s single source of truth for vessel condition and compliance, integrating multiple data sources, rules and analysis for you to make informed decisions, minimising risk, promoting safety, avoiding pollution, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Used by energy majors globally, our Marine Assurance solutions provide organisations with the digital tools and data insights they need to make the best possible decisions, operationally, commercially, and reputationally.

Unlike other technology providers, they are specialists in marine. With deep industry knowledge and customer insight, they truly understand your needs and have developed an intuitive platform that adapts to your processes, saving time and minimising complexity. Our ‘software as a service’ approach means seamless upgrades, without headaches and the cost of implementation.

At MIS Marine, they pride themselves on being proactive and responsive, to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof assurance. In today’s geopolitical climate, the risks and challenges facing shipping present themselves in new and increasing forms. With ever-increasing sanctions, sustainability and emissions targets, and dark activity, risk can no longer be solely evaluated by the physical inspection of the ship.

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