Innovative Smartflowers follow the Sun for more energy


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Inspenet, April 16, 2023

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources, inspiring the generation of cutting-edge technology, such as the Smartflower panel, a device that intelligently captures energy by searching for the Sun.

The company behind the gadget -which has the same name as its product- highlights that its creation is a solution that responds to the needs of sculptural design, since it produces clean and sustainable energy for homes, cars or companies while inspired by nature.

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1665 SmartFlower 3
Innovative Smartflowers follow the Sun for more energy

How does Smart Flower work?

The device is shaped like a flower with a two-axis tracking system at its core. At sunrise, Smartflower opens its panels to the optimum angle of 90º with respect to the Sun and follows the trajectory of the body across the sky. In addition to following the Sun, it has an open flow that keeps it cool and a system that keeps it clean, as the built-in brushes sweep away any sediment or debris that has accumulated during operation.

1665 SmartFlower 8
Innovative Smartflowers follow the Sun for more energy

“Its aesthetic and award-winning design allows our customers to show their commitment to sustainability and make a compelling statement about the need to create a clean energy future,” said Sheen Hui, creative designer of the device. He adds: “We have even seen clients exhibit our Smartflower as solar art!”

1665 SmartFlower 4
Innovative Smartflowers follow the Sun for more energy

Advantages of Smartflower over conventional solar panels:

-The dual axis tracking system produces up to 40% more energy during more hours of the day.

-The longer duration of production allows Smartflowers clients the possibility of displacing the costly peaks of electrical consumption. Fixed solar panels do not have this capability.

-The Smartflower is delivered to the site fully assembled, so your plug-and-play installation can be completed in less than a day.

-Since Smartflower is installed on the ground, customers do not have to worry about roof design, orientation or age.

1665 SmartFlower 5
Innovative Smartflowers follow the Sun for more energy

-One of Smartflower’s smart features is that it monitors wind speed, automatically closing and stowing solar panels in the event of high winds, making it the world’s first self-protected, rugged solar power system.

-Smartflowers can be paired with electric vehicle charging systems or other solar arrays.

-Smartflower can act as a visible and inspiring sustainability milestone for numerous communities around the world.

When the panels are folded, built-in brushes sweep up debris and debris. It has a cooling and self-cleaning system that brushes every time it is folded and unfolded. Sunflower-shaped solar panels, in addition to being self-cleaning, generate up to 40% more energy than conventional ones.

1665 SmartFlower 6
Innovative Smartflowers follow the Sun for more energy

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