IMF report assures that AI will affect 60% of jobs

Isbel Lázaro.
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Informe del FMI

Advanced economies and some emerging markets will see 60% of their jobs impacted ,” International Monetary Fund manager Kristalina Georgieva said in an interview in Washington, citing an IMF report published last Sunday.

And then it drops to 40%, for emerging markets, to 26% for low-income countries ,” he added, referring to the IMF report, which points out that in general, almost 40% of global employment is exposed to the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Likewise, the IMF report indicates that approximately half of the jobs impacted by AI will experience negative consequences, while the other half could obtain benefits through increases in productivity thanks to AI.

Your job can disappear completely, which is not good, or artificial intelligence can improve it, so you will be more productive and your income level can increase ,” Georgieva told AFP.

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Other aspects of the IMF report

Although artificial intelligence will initially have a limited impact on emerging markets and developing economies, the IMF suggests that these regions are less likely to benefit from the advantages of this new technology.

This could exacerbate the digital divide and income disparity between countries ,” the report continues, adding that older workers are likely to be more vulnerable to the change brought about by AI.

The IMF sees an important opportunity for policy prescriptions to help address these concerns, Georgieva told AFP.

We must focus on helping low-income countries in particular move faster to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that artificial intelligence will present ,” he said.

In other words, embrace it, it’s coming ,” he added. “So artificial intelligence, yes, it’s a little scary. But it is also a tremendous opportunity for everyone.“.

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