ILTA 2023: The International Conference on Terminals inaugurated its edition in Houston


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Inspenet, May 23, 2023

The International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) 2023 Annual International Operating Conference and Trade Show kicked off this Monday at the Marriot Marquis and George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, an event that will run until Thursday the 24th.

The conference began with welcoming remarks by Dr. Kathryn Clay, ILTA President and Tim Winters, Chairman of the Board, followed by Keynote Address by researcher and speaker Jason Dorsey, who focused his talk on generations in the labor market.

Un chofer humanoide se apodera del volante de un
TerraPower construye una planta de reactores nucleares
El robot Eve ahora obedece comandos de voz
En China estan fabricando robots con expresiones faciales
El desarrollo y entrenamiento de robots humanoides de Tesla
A humanoid driver takes over the steering wheel of a robotaxi
Bill Gates and TerraPower build nuclear reactor plant in the U.S.
Eve robot now obeys voice commands
China is making robots that perform facial movements
Tesla announces that two autonomous humanoid robots are working in one of its factories.
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Among the conferences that were held on the first day, the innovative themes stand out: ‘Robots at your service’, ‘Fire-fighting foams: how chemistry and tactics should change’, ‘PFAS: risk mitigation in liquid terminals’, ‘Digital tools to optimize operations’ and ‘Tank corrosion challenges: What is your best reaction?’, were some of the topics addressed by the speakers.

1850 ILTA 2023 interna 2
Richard Blaser from Inspenet and Dr. Kathryn Clay, ILTA President

Dr. Kathryn Clay from the ‘Women in Tanks Networking Reception’ event: “This is a very exciting time to be in the terminal industry”

In the afternoon, the ‘Women in Tanks Networking Reception’ event was held, where Inspenet exclusively interviewed Dr. Kathryn Clay, who offered her impressions of this year’s Conference.

“We are very happy to have so many people, you can see it in the room, we have a large number of women participating,” explained Clay, who has already served five years as president of ILTA, an organization in which three of its fifteen members of the Board of Directors are women. “In our Board of Directors, each woman who has entered has strengthened us. Three women have opened up the dialogue, made it feel more open,” Clay added.

For dr. Clay, it is very important that ILTA continues to look for ways to continue supporting women in the industry and providing opportunities.

“We know the industry is changing, it’s traditionally quite rare to have women especially in leadership positions, but for ILTA members that is changing,” added Dr. Clay.

According to dr. Clay, ILTA is working on how to increase diversity in the industry, as well as how to nurture and grow the human talent that is already working in the sector.

“It’s going to have to start with some kind of support for education, and also to better communicate our industry, so that more people who don’t traditionally see themselves as candidates for the industry, see themselves as candidates and see that this is an interesting industry. . So we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re up for the challenge, we think we can do a lot of good, and next year this room is going to be a lot bigger… the industry is changing and it’s time for us to keep up, it’s a time Very exciting to be in the terminal industry,” said Dr. Clay.

Today Tuesday 23 ILTA 2023 will have energetic and out of this world keynote speakers

Keynote speakers at the ILTA Conference will include Capt. Scott Kelly, NASA Historic Astronaut; first to complete a year-long mission in space, who will talk about leadership and learning how to lead a team.

Also at the Conference today will be Daniel Yergin, a global authority on energy, geopolitics, and the commercial, economic, and social impacts of the changing energy world. One of the leading luminaries in the field of energy and politics, author of several widely applicable books.

1850 ILTA 2023 interna 3
Licda. Rosa Solari, Vice President of Inspenet

The ILTA 2023 Trade Fair (Trade Show) opens

This year, around 300 companies will be exhibiting their terminal industry products, services and innovative technologies at the trade show, which is nearly 9% larger than last year and added new capabilities, with a larger format and mechanical display.

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