Hidroituango Hydroelectric Plant: Chinese consortium wins tender to complete its construction

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Hidroeléctrica Hidroituango

Inspenet, September 10, 2023.

Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) has revealed the list of the companies that have advanced to the final phase to continue with the construction and improvement project of turbines 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Hidroituango hydroelectric plant. Curiously, the same companies that had previously been excluded in the previous bidding process are the only ones that managed to qualify for the selection of suitable companies in this megainfrastructure.

Hidroituango Hydroelectric Plant: CYS stands out in the tender

According to the analysis and conclusions report issued by EPM, the only consortium that has been considered to carry out the completion of the hydroelectric plant is CYS, a coalition made up of the firms Yellow River Co. Ltd. Colombia Branch and Schrader Camargo SAS

These two companies had previously been disqualified during the previous tender due to lack of evidence of their joint experience, along with the firm Power China International. Now, EPM must carry out an exhaustive review of the proposal presented by this consortium, whose cost amounts to 1.2 billion pesos.

In the tender, CYS competed against Italian firm Todini Costruzioni Generali and China Gezhouba Group Company Limited. In the first evaluation, the Italian company obtained the highest score by presenting a project valued at 917,224 million pesos, with Gezhouba in second place with an offer of 932,269 million. However, both companies were disqualified.

Todini failed to meet the essential requirement of submitting a serious offer, which is essential to win the tender. According to the Analysis and Conclusions report, with regard to the offeror Todini Costruzioni Generali SPA, although it presented a bank guarantee issued by a foreign entity, it did not comply with the requirements stipulated in section 5.6.2 referring to the conditions of the guarantees. issued by banking institutions.

In the case of China Gezhouba Group, its disqualification was due to the fact that it did not comply with the necessary requirements regarding the guarantees of seriousness of the offer or the insurance guarantees required for a project of the magnitude of Hidroituango.

“In addition to the above, the offeror China Gezhouba Group Company Limited does not meet the minimum score required in the request for offer (70 points) on average for the years 2021 and 2022, in accordance with the provisions of section 2.2.10. Financial requirement, of the Particular Conditions”, are part of EPM’s conclusions.

Therefore, the consortium that managed to advance to the next phase was CYS, despite having obtained the lowest rating in the initial evaluation and having presented the most expensive proposal, which amounts to a total of 1 billion 126,462 million pesos.

The firms had been left out of the tender

Schrader Camargo and Yellow River were part of the Ituango PC-SC consortium in the previous tender, together with the company Power China. However, they were excluded despite being the only participants. The reason for its exclusion was because the Colombian firm Schrader Camargo could not demonstrate the required experience.

The company tried to support its experience by showing previous projects, such as the construction of the United States embassy in Bogotá in 1993, an industrial complex in Gachancipá, Cundinamarca, and the Cervecería del Valle complex, which was completed in 2008. However, these projects did not meet the same specifications as a megaproject of the magnitude of Hidroituango.

Schrader Camargo also provided certificates demonstrating its participation in the construction of several hydroelectric plants, but this documentation was also not accepted by EPM . As a result, the previous tender was finally declared as not awarded.

However, doubts were raised when at the end of April of this year, EPM launched a tender again, but this time with different experience accreditation requirements than those established in the previous tender.

In this way, the CYS consortium had the opportunity to present itself again, this time complying with the new experience accreditation requirements. However, it is important to highlight that the tender has not yet been closed and EPM has not made a final decision on who will be selected to carry out generation units 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Hidroituango.

Source: https://www.infobae.com/colombia/2023/09/04/consorcio-chino-que-ya-habia-sido-rechazado-quedo-nuevamente-como-la-unica-opcion-para-terminar- the-construction-of-hidroituango/?outputType=amp-type

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