The world’s tallest wooden wind turbine came into operation

Isbel Lázaro.

turbina eólica de madera

In Sweden, a new wonder has emerged in the field of renewable energy, as the Swedish startup Modvion has launched a 150-meter-high wooden wind turbine . This advancement not only represents an engineering achievement, but also a step forward in sustainability by reducing the device’s carbon footprint by 25%.

The turbine tower, made from Scandinavian red spruce LVL microlaminated wood, exemplifies how traditional materials can replace the steel commonly used in the wind industry . Compared to steel, wood is not only more environmentally friendly, it also acts as a carbon sink, further reducing CO 2 emissions.

With its impressive height, this Modvion turbine not only captures stronger winds to increase efficiency and profitability, but also solves logistical problems associated with larger turbines that often present challenges in production, transportation and assembly due to their size.

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Benefits of the wooden wind turbine

The incorporation of wood in the construction of the tower has a significant impact on reducing the carbon footprint. While a steel tower of similar height emits around 1,250 tons of CO 2 , the wooden tower emits 90% less. Furthermore, by acting as a carbon store, the wooden tower further offsets total emissions.

Likewise, the wooden wind turbine also offers logistical benefits, since the wooden modules (shorter and lighter) facilitate transportation and assembly. In addition, by reducing the total weight by 30% without compromising strength and having the high fire resistance of LVL, new possibilities open up for the design and location of these turbines.

It is important to mention that Modvion’s initiative not only represents a technological advance, but also an outstanding example of how innovation and sustainability can collaborate in the development of renewable energy . With projects of this type, the future of wind energy looks more promising and respectful of the environment.

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